Son & Park Beauty Water Review

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This product was gifted to me. As always, opinions and words are my own!

If you’ve been shopping with me (hi friends!), then you’ll know that how something looks is important to me. I’ve been known to buy products based solely on how chic/pretty/glam/cute they are. “How will this look on my bathroom counter?” is a common question I ask myself when I buy products. Aesthetics always and forever.

Needless to say, when I first saw the review for Son & Park’s Beauty Water on Fashionista, I squealed a little on the inside. Chic, minimalist packaging? YES PLEASE. And the shit is called BEAUTY WATER?! DING! DING! DING! I want it all. Thankfully, Beauty Water doesn’t only look pretty and chic, it’s also a great product.

One of the main reasons I’ve been so slow on the reviews is that my current skincare routines work so well and I’m so comfy with the products I use that I haven’t really been introducing new products into my rotation that often. I’m also trying to get better at using up my products instead of just having a bunch of half used products laying around. All of this is to say that the Son & Park Beauty Water has definitely made its way into my permanent rotation. It’s gentle, effective, and has solved a major problem in my skincare life – washing my face too much!




Beauty Water comes packaged in a chic, plastic bottle, with 340ml of product. It’s a big ass bottle, so unless you’re drowning yourself in Beauty Water, it’ll last quite some time. It smells very natural and floral, and not overwhelming in any way.

The ingredients for Beauty Water are pretty awesome. Ingredients include rose water, orange extract, witch hazel, lavender extract, papaya extract, etc. The papaya extract offers gentle exfoliation (you know how much I love to exfoliate girrrrl), and you have lots of other lovely extracts to cleanse and hydrate.


The Son & Park Beauty Water is described as a cleansing liquid, but you can use it in a multitude of ways. You can use it in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, on the airplane, before/after the gym, or pretty much anytime you want to freshen up your face. I use it at night after I finish double cleansing to make sure that my face is 100% clean. I also use it if I’m at home all day and I want to refresh my skin before I go out for a happy hour date or something. It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean, and hydrated. It’s the perfect multi-tasking product in a sea of Korean beauty products that are meant to be used for one thing, and one thing only.


But by far my favorite way to use Beauty Water is before or after the gym. I’ve been looking for a gentle cleanser type product to help me reduce the number of times I have to wash my face. My skin was getting quite irritated from washing it so much on my gym days. If I worked out at night, I’d wash my face in the morning, wash my face before the gym, do a quick cleanse after my workout to get rid of the sweat and grime, and then wash it properly when I got home so I could do my nighttime routine. Insane! Now, I go to the gym in the AM, so I just use Beauty Water before the gym, then wash regularly afterwards, then use at night after double cleansing. My skin is thanking me, no more irritated little bumps! Now my skin is smooth, bright, even, and clear.

Honestly, Son & Park’s Beauty Water checks all the boxes for a great product. It smells great, it looks fabulous, and it’s an incredibly effective, true multi-tasking product. I give it tens across the board!

The Son & Park Beauty Water is available at for $30.

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