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Tokyo: Day 2

The afternoon of day 2 of our trip to Tokyo was spent watching theĀ Sumo tournament, but after the sun set, we headed off to explore a bit more of the amazing city.

Our first stop was the gamer/manga/anime neighborhood of Akihabara. Whenever I think of Tokyo, this is the area I think of the most. Think bright lights, maid cafes, comic book stores, DVD rooms, arcades, and a dizzying array of colors. We also went to a 7 story sex shop that’s just as crazy as you’d imagine a 7 story sex shop in Tokyo would be.

After exploring Akihabara and seeing enough manga to last a lifetime, we went to Shinjuku, where we went bar hopping in one of the coolest places in the entire world (next post!)

711 firehydrant

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Sanrio World Ginza

Hey everyone!

I know posting was slow this week, as I was hit with a really, really bad cold. I actually spent Wednesday home from work, catching up on season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, skyping with my family, and sleeping in a NyQuil induced coma. I’m about 75% better now, and hopefully staying in this weekend will speed up the process.

As you may remember, I went to Tokyo in September. It’s the best city ever. I fell in love. Singapore, Paris, and Tokyo are all neck and neck for my #1 favorite city. Besides all of the amazing food, drinks, and shopping, Tokyo (or Japan rather) is home to my first true love.

Hello Kitty.

I’ve loved Hello Kitty since I can remember. One of favorite things to do when I was a child was to go to the Sanrio store in my local mall after school and buy stationary and cute wallets. Those plastic Sanrio wallets were my LIFE. Anyway, I thought that when I went to Tokyo, I would go to Puroland, one of the Sanrio themed amusement parks there. In the end, it just ended up being out of the budget (coughIwantedtoshopmorecough), and I ended up going to two huge Sanrio themed stores instead. The first one I visited was Sanrio World in Ginza.

Sanrio World in Ginza is the Sanrio flagship store, and apparently has the largest collection of products in the world. Swoon. It’s located in the Nishi Department Store in Ginza, on the 2nd floor. You can find an address and map here. As soon as I got to the 2nd floor, I sort of lost my mind. HELLO KITTY MADNESSSSSS!

sheryllsanrioworld sanrioworldginzaoutside

cinnamoroll hellokittybottledwater hellokittydishes hellokittykeychain hellokittykeychainplush hellokittyplush hellokittysocks hellokittysoftserve hellokittystationary hellokittystore keroppi littletwinstars littletwinstarspopupcards mymelodysoapdispenser

It was amazing. They had all of my favorite Sanrio characters! My Melody! Little Twin Stars! Batz Maru! Keroppi! If they had any leftover Pochacco stuff (I’m still devastated Pochacco was discontinued), I think I would’ve just fallen out. I just couldn’t deal with all the cuteness. I ended up being reserved and bought some stationary and a really cute pair of boy shorts, although I wanted everything.

Everything in Tokyo was awesome, and going to Sanrio World was definitely a highlight. Looking at all these pictures is making me wonder just why in the world I didn’t get the Hello Kitty teapot. HELLO!!!!! As soon as I typed that sentence, I went to the Sanrio online store and lost my mind all over again. AHHHHH!!!