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Photos of the Week – Avenue of the Giants

This past summer, my boyfriend and I took a ridiculous road trip up north to Napa Valley. While we were there, we decided to go see the giant redwood trees since we were so close. We headed to the Avenue of the Giants, a 31 mile portion of old Highway 101. To say it was breathtaking is really an understatement. The pictures I have in no way do the trees justice. If you are ever in Northern California, please go see the Redwoods. They’re majestic.


River along the Avenue of the Giants
Yup, that's my boyfriend all tiny down there

It’s really really hard to capture just how big the trees are in pictures. But they are HUGE! My boyfriend and I spent the afternoon playing hide and seek and playing tag all through the forest. Make sure you drive down Avenue of the Giants if you’re ever in the area, you won’t regret it!


Photos of the Week: Santorini, Greece

It’s Friday, and all I want is to be on an island somewhere drinking a lot of fruity drinks with copious amounts of alcohol. I was looking at old pictures and found some I took of my time in Santorini, Greece.

Can I live in one of these houses? K. Thanks!

The views were incredible!

And I could watch this beautiful sunset for forever.

I was on a cruise, so my time in Santorini was limited to a few hours. I saw a lot of beautiful views, but I didn’t really get a good chance to explore the island. It’s definitely on my list of places to go again! With views and a sunset like that, who can resist?


Travel Photography to Inspire Some Wanderlust

One of the first things I look at when I need a quick jolt of inspiration is to look at travel photography. My theme of this week is beaches. I’m guessing it’s this cold weather (as cold as it can get in LA), that has me longing for a cocktail, clear waters and white sand. ENJOY!