Mui Ne

by Sheryll on July 22, 2014

beach Mui Ne
This past weekend, Johnny and I took a little trip to Mui Ne. It’s the closest beach town to Ho Chi Minh City, and trust, we definitely needed the break. After work on Friday, we hopped on a bus, and in about 6 hours (was supposed to be 5 but traffic was crazy), we were in beach heaven. Mui Ne is also an extremely popular tourist spot for Russians, so in a few of my pictures you’ll see a lot of Russian written on the signs and stuff.

Per Lauren’s recommendation, we stayed at the Ananda Resort, which was AMAZING. We rented one of the beach bungalows, and from our door to the ocean was about a 30 second walk. Best of all, it was only $50 bucks a night! A light breakfast was also included, and the staff and service was phenomenal. If you go to Mui Ne, you definitely need to check them out.

We were only there 2 days, so we didn’t have much time to explore. We basically just ate and lounged around on the beach. Perfection. We both came back with tans and a little more pep in our step. Well….we did have one minor mishap. Our bus on the way back broke down, so for about 2 hours we were stuck in some roadside restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m thankful Johnny was with me to keep me sane.

And while I was there, I had the chance to pull out my trusty ol’ camera. I’ve really been neglecting taking photos here in Vietnam, and that’s gotta change. But for now, I have about 20 photos from our little weekend getaway. Hope you enjoy!

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time energy serum Su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum Review

I haven’t done a Korean beauty review in about 2434 years, mostly because my skin is a hot ass mess and I’ve been sticking to my basic skincare routine to try and get it together. Well, I’m not breaking out all over, it’s just around my jawline on the right side. It’s the weirdest fucking breakout ever. I’ve been a bit hesitant about introducing new products into my routine because this breakout is never-ending. It’ll clear up for a few days, then BAM, it’s crazy again. I got a facial a few days ago and it’s actually the best my skin has looked in a month, so maybe that’s the key? The pollution here is nuts and I *think* that could be the issue, but I don’t know. Sigh. Some people think I’m overreacting but after having near perfect skin in Korea, this random breakout is pissing me off.

But the one new product that I have been using a lot of (and LOVING) is the su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum. I used the deluxe sample size before I moved to Vietnam and fell in love, so I ordered it from I use it at night only, mostly because I use my AC Care serum in the AM. I don’t think it’s heavy or greasy at all, so if you want to use it both day and night, then that’s totally fine.

So what is this serum supposed to do? What does all of this time resetting repairing blahblahblah mean? According to the website, it “provides energy to your skin and improves your skin condition with its refined, natural fermented ingredients and plant extracts.” Basically, this serum is supposed to repair damaged skin, help with skin problems like acne, and balance oily skin. The entire Time Energy line is designed for those with oily/combination skin, and for those with sensitive skin (I also have the emulsion and I LOVE it too). Like all su:m37 products, this serum is made from natural fermented ingredients, and contains no artificial ingredients, colors, dyes, or perfumes.

The serum comes packaged in a small, iridescent, glass bottle, and contains 60ml of product. It also has a sturdy pump top. It has a pretty watery texture; it’s not creamy and it’s not really gel-like either. Despite the thin, watery texture, it’s incredibly hydrating and soothing. It has a really pleasant, slightly orange scent, but it fades away pretty quickly. It also absorbs really fast, and doesn’t leave your skin oily or greasy.

Every night after my essence step, I apply about 2 pumps of the serum all over my face, patting it in with my palms. I then follow up with the emulsion from the same su:m 37 line (I’ll be reviewing it soon!). In the morning, my skin is smooth and bright, and the breakout around my jaw is usually much better. It really does help balance oil, and I find that my skin in the morning looks really healthy and hydrated. If it weren’t for my jaw breakout, I’d say that my skin would be 100% perfect! Out of all of the serums I’ve tried, I’d definitely say that this one is my favorite. It feels so nice on the skin, absorbs easily, hydrates the skin, and leaves it looking and feeling really smooth. I’m already halfway through my bottle and desperately trying to figure out how I can order more since I definitely don’t trust getting it shipped here. If anyone in Vietnam knows where I can buy su:m37, please let me know! (Or maybe I’ll just have to take a trip to Singapore…oooooh!)

Now…there is one bad about it…it’s a bit expensive. I ordered mine from for $63.16. I can’t remember how much it would be in Korea, but if you’re there, head to any major department store and they should have it.

If you buy it from, make sure to enter my sponsor code 05632401 for %$5 off of your first order! 



Busy, Busy, Busy

by Sheryll on July 11, 2014

pool Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been crazy. It’s not even because I’m working a lot as far as time goes (even with the 2 jobs I’m still only working about 30 hours a week, not even full time).


It’s the amount of preparation I have to do for these 30 hours of work that I have. Summer school was somewhat challenging this week because I’m getting used to the super high level students, but it uses the same book for the entire 6 weeks and I have the same students everyday who are lovely and listen and aren’t crazy children (thank god). But at my first job at the English center….PSSSSSSSSSSH. Let’s all just take a look at my crazy ass schedule shall we?

I teach 8 classes per week. No biggie. Three of them are 3 hours long, and the rest are 2 hours long. Still okay. The issue is this:

Wednesday: 17-27 year olds (mostly college students)
Thursday: 40-50 year old men (all work for the military and are like….JUST learning English)
Friday: 10-12 year olds (they are my worst class and I actually somewhat dread teaching them. sigh)
Saturday: 1st class – 6-7 year olds, 2nd class – 4 to 5 year olds
Sunday: 1st class: BARELY 4 year olds (like I swear some of them are 3), 2nd class: 8-10 year olds, 3rd class: 5-6 year olds.

Each of these classes uses a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BOOK. Each of these classes is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL. Each of these classes is a freaking COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AGE group. How do I go from teaching 50 year old men in the military to 4 year olds? I don’t know. But my brain hurts. I feel like all I do is plan lessons. Everyday. All day. Forever. It’s taking a toll on me, mentally. I’ve had to cut my yoga time to only 4 days a week because my schedule doesn’t allow me to go Wednesday-Friday. It really sucks because yoga is the one thing that’s been keeping me pretty level headed and calm. Sigh. I’ve been still making to-do lists every night, but most of the time it looks like this:

1. find a game for ____ class
2. find an activity sheet for ____ class
3. plan lesson on writing a topic sentence and find appropriate worksheets
4. plan TOEFL prep course

and on and on and on.

I’ve been neglecting both the blog and Glamtrotting, and I can’t let that happen, so I’m trying to figure some shit out this weekend to try and make better use of my time. I’m thinking that I’ll have to do lesson plans for the week on one or two days only, that way I have the rest of the week to work on MY things. Part of me wonders why I spend so much time working on lessons when a lot of people literally come in, open the book, print a worksheet, and that’s it. But I want to be a good teacher and have a good influence on my students and make it seem like I care. So…yeah.

I know going into next week the summer school job will be a bit easier because I know all of the kids, and the book is incredibly fun and easy to teach. It’s probably one of the few ESL books in the entire world that isn’t a steaming pile of crap. It’s a National Geographic one, so all of the topics are really interesting, the topics are relevant and modern (examples: longevity and happiness, start-ups and Silicon Valley, climate change, etc.), and the bookwork is challenging and stimulating. I’m actually learning from the book too!

So enough about work. I’m tired of talking about it, but I just had to get it all out there. I was supposed to receive a package from a while ago, but I still haven’t received it. I’ve heard that people often get their packages stolen here, so I’m hoping that’s not the case. SIGH. It was a very expensive su:m37 serum, so I’m a bit pissed. I need to go to the post office on Monday and get it all sorted out.

This weekend, I think Johnny and I are finally going to have some quality time together. I want to go exploring! There are a few restaurants I’ve been dying to try, and maybe we’ll get a couple of drinks too. Lord knows I need one (or a few).  Sunday, I have a lunch date with a friend. And next weekend, we’re going to the BEAAACCCCHHHH! YASSSS! It’s going to be our first mini vacation since coming here. We wanted to go to Singapore, but I think we’re going to wait until we both have more time to take off.

And before I go… what are some of your favorite toners? After what seems like FOREVER, I am all out of my Benton toner. I’m looking for something that provides a chemical exfoliation as well. Bonus points if I can actually find it in Vietnam, as I’ve lost all faith in the mail system here.

How have you been? Tell me some happy stories about puppies or traveling or something fun. Have a good weekend!


lunchdate Life Lately   Teaching, Yoga, and Glamtrotting

Hi everyone!

I wanted to write a quick update on my super interesting (or not) life here in Vietnam. I’ve officially been in Vietnam for 3 months TODAY! YAAAAAY! I can’t believe time is passing so quickly though. Johnny and I initially planned to be here only 6 months, but now that I’m already 3 months in, I don’t know how I’m going to leave in just a few short months. We’ll see.

I’ve been teaching for a month now, and I can finally say with confidence I have the hang of things. I have my own classes now, and I teach about 16 hours a week. Sadly, most of these hours fall on the weekend. Word of advice, if you are planning on coming to teach in Vietnam and you work at one of the Vietnamese language schools, be prepared to most definitely work on the weekends. Thankfully, I have most of the week off. But Johnny works during the week, and since I work mostly on the weekends, we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. We’ve been carving out mid-day lunch dates, so we can actually sit and talk and not worry about one of us having to plan lessons or go to work. It’s nice!

I’m finally getting the hang of teaching the wee ones, and they are definitely becoming my favorite classes to teach. They are just so adorable! They aren’t moody or temperamental. They love EVERYTHING. And when they see me in the school outside of class, they all run up to me and grab my legs and say, “HELLO MISS SHERYLL!”. It’s so cute I could scream. I still have to take a nap after teaching Saturday and Sunday morning, but it’s worth it.

I also picked up a short 6 week summer school job at an international school! I’m super excited! It pays really well, and the school is gorgeous. They have a pool, a full 350 seat theatre, a gym, a soccer field, a huge library, a computer lab, the works. I start on Monday, so for 6 weeks I won’t have any days off, but thankfully the summer school job is just 3 hours in the morning so it’s not *too* bad. I’m definitely looking forward to the extra $$$ though. Dolla dolla bills ya’ll!

I started taking yoga classes 2 weeks ago and I am officially obsessed. I don’t know why I never practiced yoga before. Not only is it GREAT exercise, it’s improved my mood 30497234986230562357634x. I feel like I’m walking on clouds, especially right after a class. My mood has definitely improved tons since moving to Vietnam, but of course, I would still get into weird slumps. Not so much anymore. I feel like I can do anything! I’ve always wanted to work on my flexibility, since it’s basically non-existent, and I’m already making huge improvements. I’ve been going 6 days a week, and still going to the gym about 4 days a week now, and I can see myself slimming down. WOOP WOOP! And for some reason, yoga has really helped my appetite and cravings. I no longer want fatty fried foods, and instead find myself fixing a salad for lunch instead of something cheap and quick.

And yea, I know the K-beauty posts have been lacking, but my skin is just…really a mess and I’m not sure what to do. I keep getting these weird jawline/chin breakouts, and despite me going back to my failsafe products, it’s not clearing up. The same exact thing happened in the same exact spot last summer, so I’m not sure what the deal is. It’s like a weird summer breakout. I’m also probably exaggerating because most people are like, “what breakout?”, but it’s making me so self-conscious. Ugh.

Glamtrotting is coming along smoothly, and we’ve gathered an amazing team of writers and editors. I’m learning so many things as I go. It’s rewarding to teach myself about running a magazine, setting up guidelines, pitching it to people, setting up interviews. I feel like a professional! It’s still not too late to pitch your articles for our August launch, so if you want more information on how you can be a part of our team, send an email to!



June Favorites

by Sheryll on July 1, 2014

junefavorites June Favorites

It’s that time again – monthly favorites! Woooo! I cannot believe we are now past the halfway point in the year. In keeping with my halfway through the year tradition, it’s time to recap the things I loooved during the month of June.

My skin is still being ridiculous. It’s better than last month, but it’s not back to its silky smooth ‘winter in Korea’ glory. Sigh. To let my skin sort of get it together, I’ve been trying to wear as little makeup as possible. This is where my favorite lipsticks come in handy. On days when I don’t want to wear a ton of makeup, I just throw on some mascara and a bright, bold, lip, and BAM – instaglam. My current favorites are MAC’s Ririwoo, a classic matte red, and Heroine, a bright matte purple.

The little pink and green space alien looking balls are a fruit called rambutan, and I am OBSESSED. I guess it’s rambutan season here in Vietnam, because they are crazy cheap and available everywhere. They are a mix between a lychee and a grape. All you do is peel back the skin, and pop in the grape looking fruit, making sure to eat around the seed (the seed is bitter). They are little balls of sweet joy and I could eat them forever.

Back when I went to LA, I bought the Ole Henriksen Truth to go wipes. I’ve been hoarding them because they were SO expensive, but man oh man are they worth it. I’m totally not a face wipe and go kinda gal, but since I’ve been going to the gym regularly, I find that I need something to keep in my gym bag for a quick wipe off when I can’t go home immediately. They’re super soft and don’t irritate the skin like most face wipes. They’re expensive, but I’d buy them again in a heartbeat. (edit: I guess they’ve been rebranded as the ‘The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths – Brightening“, but I’m sure the ones I have are pretty much the same.)

The business card up at the top is for a spa that has quickly become my favorite, the Anna Sanctuary Wellness Spa in Phu My Hung. First, it’s GORGEOUS. It feels like you’re in some super luxe spa and you’re the fanciest bitch in HCMC. Second, they’re running an amazing happy hour deal from 9-2 where you can get a basic facial or massage for only 390,000d, or the low, low price of $18. It’s incredible. And they use top of the line products: Sisley, L’Occitane, and Clarins. If you’re in HCMC, you definitely need to make your way to Phu My Hung and get your life.

I have 2 Korean skincare favorites, and they are the Primera Pure Hydrating Gel Cream and the Su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Refining Serum. I received them both in my w2beauty haul, and I’ve quickly fallen in love. I don’t want to give away too much info yet, because I’m working on a full review of both, so stay tuned!

When I got my job, I celebrated by buying myself a new bottle of perfume – Gucci Guilty. I’ve always LOVED this scent, but never bought it, until now. It’s sexy and I always get lots of compliments on it when I wear it. Swoon. I just love perfume so much.

I bought myself another mascara because….well, I didn’t have a reason I just wanted it. This one is the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara. It’s super duper black, and has a really lightweight mousse like texture. I like it because the brush is quite large, so you can coat each lash evenly. Now, even though it says “False Lashes”, I find this mascara leans more towards natural looking. I like to use it on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I have to teach my wee ones, because it’s really fuss free and I look more like “I woke up like this”.

And last are my two most recent purchases from A Banker’s Secret (you can read all about them here). First of all, I am in loooooooooooove with rosehip seed oil. I don’t know how I lived without it before. If you have acne scarring or acne prone skin, it’s the oil for you. Since I’ve been battling this weird jawline breakout for a few months, I’ve been scarring like crazy. Sad times. But rosehip seed oil is really, really great at reducing acne scarring. I even take a little bit at night and put it on my legs, since my legs are scarring like crazy due to mosquito bites. Grrrr. And we all know how much I love hand creams, and the Super Lovely Hand Cream from A Banker’s Secret is FABULOUS. Since I started teaching babies, I wash my hands constantly, which equals gross, dry hands. But this hand cream sinks in quickly, doesn’t leave any tackiness or grease behind, and smells heavenly. Obsessed!

What were your June favorites? Let me know in the comments!