Creating Habits

by Sheryll on June 26, 2014

coconuts e1403792952638 Creating Habits

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, then you’ll know that I’ve struggled with my weight for quite some time now. While I was going through my rough patch with depression, I also struggled with emotional eating. I gained about 30lbs, and at my highest weight was about 150lbs. I know that may not seem like a lot, but I’m barely 5’0ft tall, so yeah. I’d always been a really confident person, but the weight gain took a big toll on me, and the effects still linger to this day.

While living in Korea, I dropped about 20lbs just by eating healthy. I rarely, if ever, exercised. I cooked a vast majority of my own meals, and brought my own lunch to school. I’m now at the lowest weight I’ve been in about 4 years, and am determined to get the rest of the weight off.

Like any other goal, losing weight is daunting. Food is fucking delicious, and life is just too short to deny yourself a cupcake (or pho or bun thit nuong or com tam or spring rolls) every once in a while. Since I was unemployed for a while, I started working not only Glamtrotting, but working on how to improve myself, my body, and my spirit. It’s so easy to get into a slump when you’re not working – constantly refreshing Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all day, reading articles that don’t matter, or watching endless YouTube videos of people doing their makeup. I knew that something needed to change. But for me, when I focus on the outcome (losing weight, making more money, being super successful), I get frustrated when I don’t see the results right away. Then, like clockwork, I’ll revert back to my old habits and nothing gets accomplished for days. But not this time. This time, I’ve been focusing on creating habits – things I do daily that will ultimately help me achieve my goals.

Working out is just something everyone should do. It’s good for you, whether or not you’re trying to lose weight. I’ve made it a habit to go to the gym 6 days a week. I just signed up for yoga, and I go 5 to 6 days a week as well. I don’t push myself ridiculously hard to the point where I can’t walk. I don’t spend crazy long hours in the gym. I just go for 30 minutes, 6 days a week. It’s the first major task I complete when I wake up in the morning. I start the day already feeling accomplished, which helps me focus on my other goals throughout the day. Not only do I feel better because I know I’m getting stronger and healthier, it has done wonders for my mental health. Going to the gym is now a habit just like washing my face every day. And slowly, but surely, I have been losing weight! But weight loss is no longer my main focus, it’s just a result of me going to the gym and making eating healthy a habit.

Every night before I go to bed, I write out my daily to do list on a notebook I keep by my nightstand. I write EVERYTHING down. When I need to eat, when I take a nap (I wake up really early and nap about 30 minutes a day), my time at the gym, what e-mails I need to answer, what lessons I need to plan, if I go to work, my manicure appointments… everything. Then when I wake up in the morning, I look at my list and already have a sense of what tasks I need to complete for the day. I love having a routine established everyday! There’s also a huge sense of accomplishment crossing things off of a list, even if it’s as simple as “grab a smoothie.”

Creating habits instead of focusing on the big goal at the end has increased my productivity and has significantly improved my mood. Going to the gym and writing to-do lists are just like washing my face and brushing my teeth. When it becomes second nature, you’ll accomplish your goals in no time!

What are your goals? What do you do to help you accomplish them? Let me know in the comments!

And Glamtrotting Magazine is still looking for contributors! Do you have any travel beauty tips or tricks? Have you been to an awesome spa or hair salon, either in your ‘hood or abroad? Do you use a must have product from a country other than your own? Do you love browsing drugstores in different countries? Glamtrotting would love to have you as part of our team! We’re gathering an AMAZING team of women and it’s ridiculously exciting. E-mail your pitches to for more information on how you can be a part of our team.


Glamtrotting – For Glam Girls on the Go

by Sheryll on June 20, 2014

glamtrottinglogo1 Glamtrotting   For Glam Girls on the Go


After weeks and weeks of being afraid for some weird reason, I finally think it’s time to unveil my new project.

Introducing Glamtrotting Magazine – the e-zine for Glam Girls on the Go!

So what is Glamtrotting? Glamtrotting is a bimonthly e-zine for women who want to know about the best in beauty around the world. Traveling to Brazil? Want to know the best place to get waxed? Glamtrotting will be your guide. Do you live in Bangkok and want to know about the best local beauty products? Glamtrotting will be there to help you too.

I was inspired by my love for Korean cosmetics and travel. I found myself wanting to know about beauty cultures and products in other countries outside of Korea. I wanted to know about beauty in India, Morocco, the UK, Singapore, Nigeria, Hungary, etc., etc., the list can go on and on forever. And I thought, well, if I want to know about these things, I’m sure others would like to as well! How cool would it be to know the must have products in different countries? How awesome would it be to know where local and expat women like to go and get pampered around the world, to have beauty traveling tips at your fingertips?  And then, just like that, a magazine was born.

Glamtrotting will feature travel beauty tips, tricks, interviews, product reviews, spas and all things beauty from around the world. It has been quite the labor of love for me, and something I know in my heart that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to start an online magazine, and bounced a lot of ideas around, but when I thought about Glamtrotting it just stuck. I knew that it was destined to be. I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do!

And in the meantime, please check out our webpage and sign up to be notified when we launch and all the details on how you can purchase your copy. There won’t be any spam newsletters, so don’t worry about that! And please make sure to like and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. An Instagram page will be coming shortly!

Twitter: Glamtrotting
Facebook: Glamtrotting

Can’t wait for you all to see it! YAAAAAAAAY!

Glamtrotting is currently looking for contributors! If you are a woman who loves traveling and beauty and would like to be a featured writer for Glamtrotting, please send your pitches to We will contact you with further information on how you can be a part of our team!

- some ideas: your beauty packing tips, flight routines, best ____ in x country, homemade beauty in x country, travel beauty products, etc. etc.  


abankerssecret A Bankers Secret   Homemade Beauty in Vietnam A Banker’s Secret – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

It’s sort of funny how I ended up finding out about A Banker’s Secret, a small, independent homemade beauty business located in Ho Chi Minh City. I had read Kerry’s post on how she eliminated her acne and decreased her skin sensitivity, and got on twitter to rant a little about how getting pure oils shipped to Vietnam is a hassle and a half. She suggested that I try to find rosehip seed oil, and I decided to Google “rosehip seed oil Vietnam”, and what do you know…A Banker’s Secret popped up.

One look at their website and I knew it would be a match made in heaven. Featuring whimsical prints, gorgeous photos, and local cash on delivery in Ho Chi Minh City, I was obsessed from the start. For my first order, I purchased the Sweet Ginger Shine Scrub, rosehip seed oil, Anti-Blemish Oil, the Top-to Toe Oil, the Oatmeal soap and a vanilla ylang ylang lip balm. I loved everything SO much I recently made another purchase, this time buying the Sea Salt and Tumeric scrub (which smells like HEAVEN), a green tea lip balm, the xuan soap, the super lovely hand cream, and some more rosehip seed oil.

What I love about A Banker’s Secret is that everything is not only homemade, but you can tell that it was made with the upmost care and love. The packaging is gorgeous and the scents are heavenly. It’s like the boutique version of Lush.

I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve purchased so far, but the standouts have been the hand cream, the rosehip seed oil, the ginger shine scrub, the lip balms, and the soaps. I am also beyond obsessed with the Top-to-Toe oil. It’s a blend of almond oil, rice bran oil, and argan oil with sandalwood, white champaka, rose, lavender, and kaffir lime. It smells like an incredibly sexy hug. I didn’t photograph it because the label is all wonky from me spilling a little of the oil all over the bottle. The Ginger Shine scrub is perfect for shaving days, as it leaves your legs super silky smooth and incredibly hydrated. I have extremely dry skin and whenever I shave my legs, they are itchy and uncomfortable for a few hours afterwards. Not so much with the scrub. I don’t even have to put on lotion afterwards! I feel like some people might find it a bit too oily, but for me, it’s just perfect.

The hand cream is made from sweet almond oil, avocado butter, wheat germ, dried chamomile and lavender petals, beeswax, and aloe vera gel. It’s lovely. It sinks into the hands quickly and the scent is heavenly as well. The lip balm is also fantastic, made with beeswax, jojoba and rosehip seed oil, avocado, shea, and mango butter. It glides onto the lips and leaves them soft and supple for hours. I hate lip balms that you have to reapply over and over again, but this isn’t one of them.

If you live in HCMC, or are here traveling, I definitely recommend that you support A Banker’s Secret for some homemade beauty goods.  The packaging is pretty, and the products are really, really lovely.

Do you like natural beauty products? What are your favorites?

**I wasn’t paid to write this, I just really like their products!!


Belif First Aid Aqua Rush Mask Review

by Sheryll on June 16, 2014

belifmask Belif First Aid Aqua Rush Mask Review

I have been planning on writing a review on the Belif First Aid Aqua Rush mask for ages, but I sort of stopped using it when I moved to Vietnam. No reason in particular, it just got lost in the shuffle while I was unpacking. I purchased it during one of my “I’m leaving Korea and need to buy everything” shopping sprees. Can you believe I’m still shuffling through products from those last weeks? I may have gone a tad bit overboard.

I brought this baby out again a few days ago when I suddenly caught an awful cold, which I’m sure was definitely brought on by teaching the babies (aka little germ factories). Despite being extra vigilant about washing my hands at every opportunity and not even touching the kids, I’m still sick. I don’t know what it is about 3 year olds, but they have super germs. I’m rarely sick, but man, when I get sick it takes me out. I’m writing this from a daze of dayquil and other cold medicines so you’ll have to excuse any mistakes haha!

The Belif First Aid Aqua mask is a wash off mask that instantly hydrates the skin, making it the perfect quick fix when you don’t have time for/ to sick to do a full 345934 step routine. If you’ve had an all-nighter and you look a hot mess in the morning, use this mask. You’re skin will thank you. If you’re sick like me and your skin looks like a dried up prune (true story, my skin gets SO dehydrated when I’m sick), then use this. Not only does it hydrate the skin, but it helps with dull and sallow skin as well, another reason it’s a great mask to use when you’re sick.

It’s a gel/cream hybrid texture that’s easy to spread, and the scent is pretty minimal. Belif is another all-natural brand in Korea, so all of their products are free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, preservatives, dyes, and animal by-products. I know there’s a Belif store in Singapore, but if you’re outside of Korea or Singapore, you may have to do some digging to purchase online.

To use, apply it to your skin after you cleanse and use your toner, wait about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off. My skin always instantly looks healthier and more plump. Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been using it every morning and even though I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, my skin doesn’t look like it. YAY!

So if you’re a partier, or studying for exams, or you have super dry skin and are looking for a pick me up mask, I think the Belif First Aid Aqua Rush mask is a good choice. It won’t get rid of any acne or trouble spots or anything like that, but if you’re looking for a great hydrating mask, this one is perfect!

What’s your favorite product to use when you need a little pick me up? Let me know in the comments!


goodmorningcafe4 Ho Chi Minh Citys Hidden Cafes   The Morning Cafe

Ho Chi Minh City is home to an amazing cafe culture, and if you know me, you know I LOVE going to cafes. There’s nothing more relaxing to me than going to a cafe, ordering a big mug of tea, reading, people watching, and doing my blog work. I’m always much more efficient at getting my work done in cafes… something about the ambience always makes me more productive.

A few weeks ago, I met up with Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps and her boyfriend Dave, for a little blogger hangout session at an adorable cafe called The Morning Cafe. Despite being on the one of the main roads in District 1, The Morning Cafe is located in an alleyway, in a nondescript apartment building, on the second floor. I actually passed by the building a few times before I looked really closely and found the tiny sign outside.

The Morning Cafe is gorgeous inside. It’s insanely quiet, and for a moment, you feel like your in a completely different city. There’s no honking or the noise of motorbikes zooming by. It’s quite small, but still very comfortable . It’s cozy and peaceful, the perfect cafe to spend an afternoon in getting work done.

goodmorningcafe1 Ho Chi Minh Citys Hidden Cafes   The Morning Cafe goodmorningcafe2 Ho Chi Minh Citys Hidden Cafes   The Morning Cafe

I ordered a passionfruit smoothie, and it came with a nice dollop of whipped cream on top. It was super delicious, although a tad bit on the sweet side. Lauren, Dave, and I were the only customers in the cafe for a long time, and the entire time we were there, there were only 3 other people that stopped by. The business cards say “Writers hangout, book lovers corner”, and I’d say that’s exactly the kind of cafe this is. I was able to get more done in 3 hours than I normally do, and that’s saying something!

thegoodmorningcafe3 Ho Chi Minh Citys Hidden Cafes   The Morning Cafe goodmorningcafe3 Ho Chi Minh Citys Hidden Cafes   The Morning Cafe
If you’re ever visiting Ho Chi Minh City and want to go to a pretty, quiet, and peaceful cafe to get some work done, The Morning Cafe is your place. I’ve only been once, and I’m dying to go back again.

Where is your favorite cafe? Let me know in the comments!