Bangkok – The Grand Palace

Remember that time I went to Bangkok?

Yeah. It seems like it was centuries ago! I’ve been focusing so much on the beauty side of things that I totally forgot to share some more photos from our trip.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is probably the #1 tourist site in the city. It was a million and a half degrees when we went, and they have a strict dress code which requires you to be pretty covered, so needless to say, I was a giant ball of sweat afterwards, but it was SO worth it. My photos don’t do the palace justice. It was so gold, so ornate, so beautiful.
temple10 temple4 temple5 temple1 temple11 temple18 temple17 temple16 sherylljohnny temple3 temple7 temple8 temple14 temple2 temples9 temple19 temple12 temple13Visiting the Grand Palace was definitely a highlight of my trip to Bangkok. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Have you visited the Grand Palace? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

(PS I’m still tinkering with the blog layout so please excuse the mess!)

Battle of the Makeup Removers – Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil vs. Banila Co. Clean it Zero


YAY! I’m back with another review. This time, I wanted to do a little comparison post of my two current makeup removers/oil cleansers, the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil and the Banila Co. Clean It Zero cleansing balm.

I’ll start with the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil. I bought it before I left for Vietnam, about 7 months ago, and I’m STILL using it. It’s the cleansing oil that seems to never disappear. I’m pretty sure it’s just going to keep regenerating or something. Either way, you can rest assure that even with daily use (which I do because I wear makeup about 6 days out of the week), that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

The Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil is packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump top. It contains 200mL of product and smells like Sulwhasoo heaven. I know some people aren’t a fan of the signature Sulwhasoo scent, but I’m personally obsessed. I use this oil as the first step of my nighttime cleansing routine, pumping about 1.5 pumps into my palms and massaging it into the skin. I find that it works better when I apply it on dry skin first, then I use a little water to emulsify it a bit. My makeup melts right off, even stubborn waterproof mascara. It doesn’t burn my eyes or leave them cloudy, which is something that’s really important to me.

Something about this oil just feels expensive to me (probably because it is… it’s $36 USD), but it’s a bonus that it works as well as it does. It’s lightweight and not greasy in the slightest. I love coconut oil like everyone else, but my face would always be super oily after I removed my makeup with it. The Sulwhasoo cleansing oil doesn’t clog my pores, and I think it would work well for all skin types, even acne prone skin. I know some people are into using oil cleansers in the morning as well, and this would be a great one to use because it’s so gentle.

I would go as far to say as that this oil cleanser is one of the best ones I’ve tried. I’ve always loved the Innisfree Olive Oil cleansing oil, but it’s a bit heavy compared to the Sulwhasoo one. The scent + how lightweight it is + how efficient it is = a recipe for a great makeup remover.

Now on to the Banila Co. Clean It Zero. I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing balm for a long time now, and after both Charlotte and Keri wrote raving reviews, I knew I had to get it. The Banila Co. Clean it Zero is packaged in a sturdy plastic tub with 100mL of product. I’m not exactly sure why, but I have flown through my tub. It’s almost finished, and I’ve only had it about 2 months. Longevity points definitely go to the Sulwhasoo cleansing oil.

The Banila Co. Clean It Zero is slightly scented, but not like the Sulwhasoo oil. It sort of smells like a cherry blossoms to me. I can’t pin point it exactly, but the scent doesn’t linger and isn’t cloying. What I really like about the Banila Co. cleansing balm is the texture. It’s a really nice, whipped oil texture (sort of like a sherbert). It’s solid (and stays solid, unlike coconut oil), and immediately turns into an oil as it hits your skin. I use a little bit bigger than a dime sized amount on my dry skin, massaging it in, then I add a little bit of water to emulsify the product and continue working it into my skin.

I have to say that while the cleansing balm does a great job at removing my face makeup, it’s not as great at removing my mascara and eyeliner. If you use a normal mascara and eyeliner, then I think you’ll be okay, but since I use heavy duty waterproof mascara, it’s a bit of a hassle. I find that I have to really work it into my eyes, and it does leave my vision slightly cloudy for a few seconds. But it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed, clean, and smooth, and doesn’t strip my skin at all. It also doesn’t leave it oily, and I’m actually confident that if I wasn’t such a freak about double cleansing, I could get away with using only this to cleanse my skin at night. The texture of the cleansing balm is awesome and perfect for traveling. Since it’s solid and doesn’t melt, you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your stuff. Win!

Overall, I think I’m quite partial to the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil. It just does a better job at removing my eye makeup, it smells amazing, and feels luxurious. I’m still going to use the Banila Co. Cleansing Balm though, as it’s a great choice for travel. The Sulwhasoo oil is a bit expensive, but considering how long it lasts, I’d say that it’s a great deal!

You can purchase the Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil from Sulwhasoo’s official website. It’s available for $36 USD. I think I bought it in Korea for about 42,000w, but I can’t remember the exact price.

The Banila Co. Clean It Zero is available from for $25.

(ps I just got the su:m37 cleansing balm and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. brb dying.)

The Get K-Beauty Box

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, 2 posts back to back? Yes! And there’s a great reason too.

My dear friend, Charlotte from, has teamed up with CJ E&M, the creators behind the hit Korean TV series, Get it Beauty, to bring you the Get K-Beauty Box!


So just what is this magical box? Well, it’s a beauty box filled with SEVEN full size Korean beauty products, all carefully curated by CJ E&M and Get it Beauty, and personally reviewed by Charlotte herself.

What’s in the box?
+ Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty Balm in 01/Light (retails for $48 at Sephora – That’s already worth the price of the box!)
+ Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini (5! gel liners) (ya’ll know how I feel about Clio)
+ Faith in Face Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogel Mask (one of my favorites!!!)
+ Ellegirl I say Tint, you say Gloss in 03 Rock Berry
+ Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Nude Gel Mask
+ Shingmulnara Ultra Light Sun Gel SPF 30 PA++
+ Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation (20.5 Medium) with one refill (ps this brand is by the makers of su:m37 so, yeah, it’s the real deal)



So now you’re wondering, how much does it cost? ONLY $50! The value of the box is $110, since all items are full size. It’s a great deal for someone who’s just getting into Korean beauty and wants to try a variety of new items, or someone who wants to try new brands.

And the best part? IT SHIPS INTERNATIONALLY FOR FREEEE! But due to high demand, very, very, verrry limited boxes remain. Want to score yours? Here are the details:

+ Due to high demand and limited supply, you can only purchase a maximum of 2 boxes per person.
+ You cannot combine any other products from with this order. If you order any other products, your order will be canceled.
+ Ships directly from Korea
+ FREE standard shipping (10-15 business days) worldwide
+ Express shipping is available (3-5 business days) for $25
+ Unfortunately, no returns will be accepted.

Again, these boxes are crazy limited so make sure to get yours today!

Su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Softening Emulsion Review

sum37emulsionIt just dawned on me that I had written a review of the su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Softening serum, but not the emulsion. SO, here it goes!

The Su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Softening Emulsion is in one word, fanfuckingtastic. But it’s su:m37, so really, what did we expect? I haven’t used a product that I haven’t liked from them. It’s become my go-to night time emulsion, although those with dry skin can most definitely use it during the day. I prefer the water-full emulsion during the day because it’s super light.

The emulsion comes packaged in a sturdy, glass bottle and contains 130mL of product. It has a pump top (YAY!) and just looks really chic and pretty. Sadly, because it’s glass, it isn’t travel friendly, but there’s nothing to stop you from decanting a bit into a travel sized container.

What is it supposed to do? Again, the whole Time Energy line is designed for repairing damaged skin and balancing oily skin. It’s been working wonders for my after acne skin, and I actually feel confident enough to not wear makeup all the time. Like all su:m37 products, this emulsion is free from artificial ingredients, dyes, and perfumes. It’s just naturally fermented goodness.


The product itself has a thin, slightly milky consistency and feels like absolute heaven on the skin. The “softening” part of this emulsion is the best thing about this emulsion. As your apply it, you can instantly feel your skin get softer. It takes a lot of effort to not just sit in front of the mirror and rub my face forever. Despite it being quite a light emulsion, it does a wonderful job of hydrating the skin without being sticky, oily, or greasy. It sinks into the skin almost immediately, and it’s also great to use during the day because it doesn’t leave your face shiny. It has a slight, orange-y scent to me, but it isn’t anything overpowering.
swatchI apply the emulsion right after my serum (I actually use the serum from this line day and night). I apply two pumps to the palms of my hands and gently press it into my skin, gently massaging it in. Depending on how I feel, I’ll apply a cream after this step, or the Sulwhasoo overnight mask. I find that usually I don’t *need* to apply a cream afterwards, I just like the feeling of being extra hydrated at night. When I wake up, my skin is soft and smooth to the touch. If you feel like your skin is dull and sad and is in need of a little reboot, this would be a great emulsion to try. It really does “reset” your skin. I’m dying to try the toner from this line as well!

I’m about a little over halfway finished with the bottle and I definitely plan on repurchasing. It’s easily one of my favorite emulsions (along with the water-full one and the one from Innisfree). Su:m37 knocks it out of the park again!

I bought my bottle from w2beauty for about $46.00, which is cheaper than the serum. I’ve been using is rather consistently since May, so one bottle does last quite a bit of time, given that you don’t use like 6 pumps at a time. It’s also one of the cheapest prices I’ve seen online; has it for $44, and I saw it on Ebay for $49.

Have you tried anything from su:m37? Let me know in the comments!

If you’d like to order this emulsion from, enter my sponsor code 05632401 to get $5 off your first order!


Hello, hello, hello!

I’m sure some of you have noticed that the blog is going through some issues right now. I updated to WordPress 4.0 last week, and usually I don’t have any issues whatsoever with the updates. This last time was a different story.

After I updated, I started getting a 500 Internal Server Error whenever I tried to click on a blog post, and then once that was resolved, I noticed the comments weren’t working. My friend’s boyfriend confirmed what I thought – that my theme is out of date with WordPress 4.0 and I need to get a new theme.

I’ve had the same theme since I started this blog almost 4 years ago, so I guess it’s finally time to upgrade. I’m notoriously picky, and finding a new one hasn’t been a walk in the park. But I’ve narrowed it down to about 5! How the blog looks is an extension of myself, and I want to make sure it represents me in the best way possible.

In other WAY more exciting news, I just found out su:m37 now makes a cleansing balm and an overnight mask. I’ve obviously already ordered them, and CANNOT wait to try them. I’m dying just thinking about it. We already know that pretty much everything from su:m37 is magical, so I’m beyond excited.

I’m looking to have the blog back up this week. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see? Drop me a line over on Facebook (since you can’t leave messages sniff sniff) if you want to see a review on a particular product reviews, life in Vietnam, Glamtrotting, etc. Just let me know!

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