8 Best Skin Firming Lotions for Your Stomach in 2022

Summer is right around the corner, and with summer comes beach season. Everybody wants to look their best for their teeny-weeny bikini, but unfortunately with the winter blues comes overeating. While we all look our best and begin shredding off the quarantine fifteen, our skin might not necessarily look its best for the summer.

Stretch marks, extra skin, and wrinkles may plague our tummies, but we don’t need to turn to surgery to get rid of them. Just in time for everyone’s summer fitness journeys to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the best skin firming lotions for the stomach. Scroll through to find something that fits your needs. 

Best Skin Firming Lotions for Stomach Reviewed

1. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
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We know, this sounds a little weird – ‘bum bum’ cream – but this cult-favorite body cream is for more than just your derriere. Loaded with guarana extract, acai oil, and coconut oil (among other goodies), this salted caramel scented lotion can do wonders for your skin.

Guarana extract is a star ingredient when it comes to treating loose and sagging skin. It improves skin tightness and can increase blood flow to the skin. The anti-aging effect of guarana extract has been backed up by research

This lotion features an award-winning formula that is heavily favorited by hundreds of reviewers.

Even though it’s suitable for all parts of your body, it’s especially great for your tummy if you’re trying to tighten and firm up any unwanted looseness. What’s more, you can also use it to treat cellulite and crepey skin. 

It’s fast-absorbing, so you can apply it with confidence that it will stay where you put it. For best results, apply after your shower. This is the best way to lock in maximum moisture.

Good for you and the environment, this is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula, for a feel-good sensation inside and out.

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2. Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream


Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream

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Nivea is a well-respected, reputable skincare company that has been providing hydration and moisture to people all over the world. We bet you didn’t know that they also have this awesome, highly rated (over ten thousand reviews!) skin and firming lotion.

Well, now you do and you’ll be dying to try it out. Lightweight, fast-absorbing, you’ll be left with a smooth, supple stomach after consistent use.

This dermatologically tested cream contains Q10, L-Carnitine, and lotus extract. Q10 is a fat-soluble compound that fights the signs of aging, while also supporting the production of collagen, and L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is used to breakdown fats.

These ingredients sound scary but are really effective at firming up your tummy and improving your skin’s overall appearance. It’s likely these are also the main ingredients that support Nivea’s promise of 2-week results.

3. Jergens Skin Firming Moisturizer


Jergens Skin Firming Moisturizer

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Jergens is another skincare titan that’s produced a great formula for tightening your trouble areas, like your stomach or butt. It’s a deeply hydrating formula that also contains collagen and elastin. These two ingredients just sound like they’re meant for tightening, but also do the trick.

Collagen is one of the structural protein components of our skin, and our bodies naturally produce it. But collagen production decreases as we age. The downside to less production is that your skin starts to lose elasticity.

Elastin is the other protein component to your skin, and it also helps keep your skin firm and elastic. Basically, the more elastin and collagen present in your skin, the better it will ‘bounce back’ and stay firm/tight. And thanks to the inclusion of both these ingredients, you can expect nothing but great results.

Seriously, Jergen’s isn’t messing around with this cream.

This is a highly regarded cream among consumers, boasting nearly 15,000 reviews. This cream really works. The subtle, soft scent and ultra-hydrating feeling are almost just afterthoughts to the people who see visible results after just one use.

4. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter


Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

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This cocoa butter lotion is loaded with all those skin-tightening ingredients, like Q10, Collagen, and Elastin with the bonus of raw shea butter and vitamin E.

It’s already been mentioned how elastin, Q10, and collagen are crucial substances in the firming and toning of problematic loose skin, but vitamin E and raw shea butter are helpful in the recovery of the skin once it’s all tight and firm.

Shea butter provides nutrients that heal the skin, while vitamin e helps to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 

This super-loaded cream is beloved by many, it’s suggested you use this cream after bathing as a way to allow it to tighten while you sleep.

5. Mommy Care Shapely Lotion


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Although this cream is targeted towards women who have just given birth to their baby, in reality, it can benefit anybody who wants a little bit of help in tightening their tummy.

It’s fortified with natural oils such as avocado, sunflower, and olive oil, which work with the other ingredients to increase your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This cream is safe for use on all kinds of skin. It’s preservative-, additive- and synthetic fragrance-free and has never been tested on animals. 

Certified organic ingredients are what make this cream stand out from the rest. The oils penetrate deep into your skin to reduce the wrinkles and improve the appearance of your stomach – all key in tightening and firming your stomach.

Whether it’s from weight loss or post-partum belly, this cream is going to benefit anyone who wants a tighter tummy.

6. Aveeno Positively Ageless Firming Body Lotion


Aveeno Positively Ageless Firming Body Lotion

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Aveeno is a tried-and-true skincare company, which has a wide range of products for a variety of skin needs. And they definitely haven’t spread themselves thin on this firming body lotion.

This lotion truly cares for your skin, providing fast-absorbing, nourishing anti-aging ingredients like shiitake mushroom complex and wheat protein.

If skin-tightening is your aim, then this lotion is truly your game. Lightly fragranced, this lotion boasts results in as little as two weeks, though that smooth feeling will last all day once applied. Aveeno has over 60 years of research and experience behind them. So don’t fret, you’re in good hands. 

7. Fitwell Lipoxy Derm Firming & Defining Lotion


Fitwell Lipoxy Derm Firming & Defining Lotion

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There’s no guessing what this lotion was made to do. It’s a cream that promises to tighten skin, reduce cellulite, improve skin texture and make fat vanish – those are some bold claims.

Despite how large those claims may be, this lotion has the ingredients to back it up. Seven active ingredients, including vitamin E, Aminophylline, and L-Carnitine are present in this non-greasy proprietary blend. Aminophylline is a strong fat-burning ingredient, which also tightens skin and improves its appearance. 

This cream is suitable for a variety of skin types, as it’s fragrance-free and extremely hydrating. After consistent use, results can be visible as early as a week. This is a company that is beloved by high-performance athletes, and has undergone clinical studies – so you know it’s backed by science. It’s pretty much an industry secret that’s not-so-secret anymore!

8. Rosen Apothecary Collagen Body Lotion

Rosen Apothecary Collagen Body LotionBuy on Amazon

Rosen Apothecary is a lesser-known company, but don’t let that deter you from giving their collagen body lotion a shot! Collagen is essential in maintaining youthful skin, which includes keeping your booty and tummy super tight.

It’s what helps keep our skin elastic and provides the ability to bounce back after sudden weight loss. Though this lotion isn’t just going to tighten and firm you up, it’s loaded with hyaluronic acid which is going to provide moisturization and hydration benefits. This, in turn, prevents your skin from stretching out in the first place. 

This brand doesn’t test on animals, and that’s just one more reason to fall for this lotion. The results are real and the reviews truly show it – it’s got nearly 5 stars and has been reviewed by hundreds of users! Don’t let this little giant pass you by.

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Bikini season is right around the corner, and if you’re like us then you’re probably going to have a little (or a lot) of loose skin in dire need of firming up and tightening before you squeeze into your suit. The lotions and creams we have listed are the crème de la crop when it comes to tightening and firming lotions, so don’t despair.

Slather a generous amount on your stomach, but who says you have to stop there? Tighten it all up! Give your loose, jiggly bits some much-needed firming, and let the creams do their magic as you get yourself all prepped and ready for the beach.

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