How to Care for Your Feet — 3 Simple Ways

One of the little-known impacts of people living more of their life at home is an increase in foot-related health problems. According to the New York Times, professional bodies have seen an increase in foot complaints of between 20% and 30%. Basically, being barefoot more often has created more issues with muscular pain, a greater number of illnesses related to fungus and infections, and an overall degradation in the aesthetic quality of feet. Tackling this is important, and starts with what you’re wearing.

Socks and shoes

It’s a good idea to start wearing footwear more often, especially around the home. Even then, however, it’s also important to ensure your feet are protected. Socks should be clean, fresh, and changed daily; as the Mayo Clinic highlights, it’s damp or old, unclean socks that lead to conditions such as athlete’s foot. Also, consider putting a moisturizing foot mask on your feet and using socks to cover them up towards the end of the day. Your shoes, too, should be clean, fresh, and not damp – even with the protection of your socks underneath. It’s simple and easy to clean shoes using the washing machine. Pairing these principles together will protect your feet and keep them healthy in the first instance.

Aromatherapeutic massage

Foot pain also comes from not having proper shoes – human feet weren’t necessarily meant to walk on the substrates we demand of them. Regular massage is a great way to get muscles loosened up and introduce flexibility but bring in some aromatherapy oils to take that to another level. According to Loving Essential Oils, the best choices are mint oils and lavender, which provide muscle relaxation alongside moisturizing action.

Going for a pedicure

Pedicures are not only there to provide an aesthetic makeover to the foot. By removing dead skin and attacking areas where bunions and athlete’s foot can prosper, they also help to safeguard health. It is nevertheless an opportunity to make the most of your feet. Through high-quality moisturizers, astringent scrubs, and fresh color for the season on your toenails, you can give your feet a real makeover.

Protecting your feet is about more than just giving them a pamper. It’s about ensuring your footwear is suitable, and taking care with specialist oils and moisturizers. Pampering can come last – the cherry on the icing.

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