Coconut Oil for Tanning: Best Coconut Oil-Based Tanning Lotions

The days are getting longer and warmer, and with that, the desire to whip out our bikinis and head to the beach intensifies. For many of us, having fun under the sun means whipping out a good book and soaking in the rays to darken our skin. In our wildest of dreams, we’ll be sipping on pina Coladas out of a coconut and slathering oil on our golden-brown skin, but with travel at a halt, this is a little less likely for even the best of us. Don’t worry – we’ve got the next best thing for you: coconut oil for tanning!

Coconut oil has a plethora of benefits for our skin – it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and adds instant hydration to your thirsty skin. So, with all these benefits, why not add it to your tanning routine? Not only will your skin get the best tan you’ve ever had, but the varying coconut scent will tingle your senses. If you want a gorgeous tan in your future, look no further than these coconut oil tanning products. 

Best Coconut Oil for Tanning 

1. Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love

Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love

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Black Coconut Love is basically a tan in a bottle. It’s loaded with ‘tanning activators’ which provide a gorgeous golden glow to your skin, without the use of DHA or bronzing agents – the tan is all your baby. This hydrating oil is packed to the brim with coconut. There’s coconut milk, coconut butter, and cocoa oil. These oils help keep your skin moist and hydrated, while the melanin stimulators help accelerate the appearance of your tan. 

In addition to providing a golden tan, Tanning Paradise formulated their oil with ingredients that do a plethora of other things. In addition to being darker, your skin will be firmer with the bonus ingredients that reduce the appearance of cellulite. Worried about your wicked sun and moon tattoo? This oil protects the color and overall appearance of your tattoo!

2. Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray with Coconut

Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray with Coconut

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Banana Boat is one of those trusted suncare brands, there’s a good chance you were slathered in Banana Boat sunscreen when you were a kid. They’ve upped their game and expanded their product range to include tanning oil with coconut!

In addition to containing coconut oil, there are also banana and carrot oil infused within this formula. There isn’t any SPF, though your skin will be moisturized and hydrated while you tan! It’s safe for the waters and has no harmful ingredients. The lotion is made without oxybenzone and octinoxate, meaning it’s “reef safe”!

Take a step back into your childhood with this popular, tried, and true brand. 

3. Beachcomb Budd’s Pure Coconut Oil

Beachcomb Budd’s Pure Coconut Oil

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Beachcomb Budd’s has the aesthetic that we all need right now – laying on a hammock by the beach. After the year we’ve all had in quarantine, this pure coconut oil tanning lotion is the solution to make us feel as if we’ve been out in the sun this whole time. In addition to encouraging a deep, dark, natural tan, your skin will be soft and smooth. 

An additional little secret with this product is that it also serves as an excellent hair conditioner, taming frizzy, sun-kissed hair. The cherry on top of this do-it-all product is the lovely coconut scent that Beachcomb Budd’s will leave behind. Your delicious-smelling, bronze skin will be irresistible!

4. Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Tanning Lotion

Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Tanning Lotion

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Have you ever been kissed by a coconut? Us neither, but who’s to say it isn’t sweet! This coconut tanning lotion by Ed Hardy offers intense hydration and tattoo protection, so your skin won’t be dry and chapped in the process of getting golden. There are a couple of added ingredients, like quad tyrosine blend and melano bronze – these work together to encourage the production of melanin, which speeds up your tan! 

Great for all skin types, there’s no need to worry about having an orange look to your skin. No bronzing agents added, only goodness. The subtle scent of coconut and vanilla leaves you smelling as though you truly have been kissed by a coconut.

5. Coconut Joe’s Exotic Coconut Deep Dark Tanning Oil

Coconut Joe’s Exotic Coconut Deep Dark Tanning Oil

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While tanning oils can frequently contain harmful chemicals or mineral oil, Coconut Joe has made their product with the environment in mind! You’re still getting the benefit of coconut oil, and a truly natural, deep, golden tan but without the harmful side effects to mother nature.

The oil is in a convenient spray bottle, ensuring you don’t miss a spot. In addition to helping out the earth and deepening your tan, this oil contains Palmitoleic – a fatty acid that is essential for age-defying skin. 

As with all oils, you want to be aware that this one doesn’t contain any SPF. If sun protection is your goal then you want to wear sunscreen. For best use of this spray oil, spray it into your hands and apply. Enjoy your tan in confidence, knowing you’re not harming the environment in the process!

6. Cocosolis Choco Sun Tan and Body Oil

Cocosolis Choco Sun Tan and Body Oil

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Transport yourself to the Maldives with the sleek and luxurious packaging of this tanning oil. Although coconut is the start, there are a ton of supporting oils to help provide a hydrating, nourishing, deep, and natural tan.

All organic, this super-oil is great for tanning at the beach or in a tanning bed – you’ll get whatever type of tan you desire. As with most tanning oils, there is no SPF in this one. In fact, they recommend you apply it about ten minutes after your sunscreen for a safer, achievable bronzy glow. Show your skin some coco love this summer! 

7. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil – Coconut Oil

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil – Coconut Oil

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Hawaiian Tropic is another tried and true skincare/sun brand, providing a variety of sun products for the entire family. Upgrade your skin this summer with their coconut oil island tanning oil, containing SPF 6, unlike most other tanning oils.

Basically, this is beginner-tan friendly, because you won’t fry right off the bat and can really work on your base tan.

There are a ton of antioxidants loaded into this coconut-infused oil, providing your skin a ton of benefits and hydration while you soak up the sun. With a brand you know and trust, you can’t go wrong going with a classic for your tan this summer.

About Tanning Oils

One of the most important things to know about tanning oils is that a majority of them are actually not meant to protect your skin from sun damage. If you’re not careful, burning can occur – along with this comes dried, chapped, peeling skin that will be red and sensitive to the touch. Most of these products recommend you use them after obtaining a base tan, and it never hurts to limit your sun exposure as you work on your base tan.

A beautiful, healthy tan takes time and patience! Limit your exposure to the sun, and if you’re really worried about sun damage and want to maximize your skin’s defense while you tan, start off with sunscreen and apply the tanning oil ten minutes later. There’s plenty of sun to go around, so don’t burn yourself right off the bat!


Winter feels like it’s been going on for eons, and we’re definitely getting eager to soak up the sun. Nothing says summer-like tanned skin and coconut drinks, so we’ve got the best all-around summer tanning oils with coconut oil to hit the best of both worlds.

Tanning with caution is important, so whether you hit the bed or the beach you want to practice safe skin. Sunscreen still is your friend. You can double up with this and oil to maximize your skin’s defenses.

Regardless of what level of tan you want to get, we’ve scoured the internet for the best coconut tanning oils out there. Your skin will be hydrated, glowing, and smooth – showing the world the Greek Golden Goddess we all know you are! 

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