5 Amazing Tips for Perfect Lips

Are you tired of dry and cracked lips ruining your outfit? The best thing you can wear is a winning smile, so without those perfect lips to finish your look, you could be losing more than just confidence.

The lips are the frames of the lower face. They frame your dazzling white teeth while you pass your smile around. Lips are one of the key tools for creating facial expressions, and let’s not begin to talk about the allure of a set of glossy looking lips. These top tips for lip perfection will help you boost your confidence and stay on the winning side of smiling. Everyone should smile more. It’s not patronizing if it’s unanimous.

How to Create Perfect Lips?

If you want to create perfect lip looks for any outfit and occasion, follow these five golden rules.

1. Always Line

Lip liner is one of the most underrated makeup tools that you should have in your kit. Not only is lip liner perfect for creating bold, statement-style looks with your lips, but it is multi-functional. The under eye redness trend was inspired by wearing makeup products in an extraordinary way. Use your lip liner under your eyes to achieve that same softened look. As for your lips? You should always line them. You cannot rely on lipstick alone to create a perfect stay, long wearing lip. In fact, you can line your whole lips if you want a 12 hour stay finish.

2. Exfoliate!

You wouldn’t think that you needed to exfoliate those lips, but if you want to reduce dryness or cracking, exfoliation is where to start. You can’t just begin exfoliating when your lips start to hurt, either, you have to incorporate this into your beauty regime and do it a few times a week. Simply use a lip scrub when you wash your face at night. You can even use a bamboo based reusable scrub glove.

3. Vitamin E

How is your vitamin E intake? Vitamin E is notoriously hard to get if you are on a vegan diet. You mainly get it from fish, meats, and preserved veggies. If you don’t get enough of it, your lips will crack often. Vitamin E is responsible for healthy skin and regrowth. Start taking a supplement or using a vitamin E bolstered lip balm for best results.

4. Moisturize your Lips

Again, when we moisturize at the end of the day, we don’t always remember to include our lips. Widen your moisturizing routine to include lip-specific moisturizers. You cannot go wrong with a cocoa butter or an aloe vera moisturizer. If your moisturizer says suitable for use all over your body, that includes your lips. You can see this article for advice on a good moisturizer for Black skin.

5. Hydration

As ever, the top tip for great skin and lips includes drinking your bodyweight in water each week. Try to get your 8 liters a day if you can. It will make a huge difference to your lips.

Perfect Lip Looks are all Yours

Follow these five tips and your lips will look perfect no matter what you wear.

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