3 Spring 2022 Wedding Beauty Trends You Need To Check Out

The wedding industry is back in full swing, with caterers, venues, and little white chapels working at breakneck speed to accommodate the big demand following a big slump in wedding numbers in 2020 and the first half of 2021. The short but significant hiatus has had a big effect, not only on the number and size of weddings but also on trending styles, with sustainability arguably being the most powerful trend on nuptial receptions and fashion.

If you have been invited to an upcoming wedding, look forward to savoring organic dishes made with local produce. In terms of fashion, expect to see more vintage and recycled fashions. When it comes to beauty, meanwhile, take note of the natural, simple styles that represent the marriage of boho chic and simple beauty in both hair and makeup.

The Bare Essentials

Simply, fuss-free, nature-inspired wedding hair and makeup looks will be holding sway. Of course, wedding beauty is always an elaborate set-up but the final result should look effortless. It’s all about bronzed skin, nude tones on the eyes and lips, and light or no eyeliner. Brides that do opt for a lined look will be using eyeshadow instead of pencil eyeliners for a more natural effect.

Trendy eyeshadow palettes will contain brown/grey (taupe), nude, and peachy/pinkish hues. The look to go for will be uniform, with little variation between the eyes and lips. The focus will be on luminosity, with subtle cream highlighters brightening up cheekbones and matte looks dominating the lips.

Beauty that Comes from Within

One of the main trends when it comes to skin is that of smoothness and the youthful glow that comes from having great skin. Brides and grooms will be working on their complexions for months prior to their Big Day, embracing treatments like lasers (Fraxel or Fractora), oxygenizing facials, and microdermabrasion for smooth, pigment-free, ‘poreless’ skin.

While some treatments are quick ‘lunchtime’ adventures, others take various sessions and months of planning. One treatment that will be holding sway for couples wishing to rid their face of wrinkles and crases is the ‘vampire facial’. The latter essentially involves injecting your own platelets into your skin to encourage natural skin rejuvenation via new collagen and elastin growth.

Boho Chic Hair

Because facial beauty will focus on fabulous skin and minimalist makeup looks, hair will also be effortlessly lovely, with beachy waves arguably being the dominant look when it comes to hairstyles. Half-down styles will also be in. Unique braided styles coupled with loose waves can be adorned with seashells, tiaras, clips, and other accessories. Loose ponytails featuring soft waves are the perfect choice for those who like updos. This year, long, loose ponytails will be all the rage, and so will low updos with low half-tiaras and wavy tendrils gracing the side of the face.

Weddings are back and brides and grooms have taken the long pause to reflect on life and decide on meaningful weddings that focus on nature and sustainability. Eco-friendliness will affect everything from fashion to food, jewelry, hair, and makeup. Trending brides will wear simple, beachy waves and bare-skinned beauty that shows off the inner luminosity of healthy skin.

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