Celebrity Cruises has been setting sail to some of the world’s most incredible destinations since 1988. Think of it as that friend who knows all the chic spots in town and ensures you experience them in style. From the azure waters of the Caribbean to the scenic beauty of Alaska, Celebrity Cruises has been offering its passengers a blend of elegance and laid-back sophistication.

But here’s a little secret: not all ships are created equal. Just like how you’d pick a vintage wine based on its year, the age of a cruise ship can influence your onboard experience. Older ships carry tales of countless voyages, while the newer ones are often decked out with the latest amenities. So, if you’re wondering which Celebrity ship to hop onto next, knowing their age might just be the key. Ahead, we rank Celebrity Cruises ships based on their age, helping you understand what each ship has to offer.

Celebrity Cruises Ships Ranked by Age

On average, Celebrity Cruises introduces a new ship every two years, ensuring that their fleet remains fresh and up-to-date. These ships typically serve for around 20 to 30 years before they bid adieu.

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Age:

NameMaiden VoyagePassenger CapacityTonnage
Celebrity Ascent*Due December 20233,260140,600
Celebrity Beyond20223,260141,420
Celebrity Apex20202,910130,818
Celebrity Flora20191005,739
Celebrity Edge20182,908130,818
Celebrity Reflection20123,046135,366
Celebrity Silhouette20112,886122,210
Celebrity Eclipse20102,850121,878
Celebrity Equinox20092,850121,878
Celebrity Solstice20082,850121,878
Celebrity Xploration200716320
Celebrity Constellation20022,17091,000
Celebrity Summit20012,15891,000
Celebrity Infinity20012,17091,000
Celebrity Xpedition2001482,842
Celebrity Millennium20002,13791,000

Note: The passenger capacity listed in the table is based on double occupancy. This means that the number reflects the number of guests that can be accommodated in cabins with two people. However, many cabins can host more than two guests, thanks to pull-out sofas or pull-down bunk beds.

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Newest Celebrity Cruises Ship

Set to launch in December 2023, Celebrity Ascent is the upcoming gem in Celebrity’s Edge class. With a capacity for 3,260 passengers, it strikes a balance between size and intimacy. Dining on the Ascent offers a range of options, from the plant-based delights at Eden restaurant to gourmet dishes at Le Voyage by renowned New York chef Daniel Boulud. If you’re an art lover, you can appreciate the ship’s 4,500-piece art collection.

One of its unique features is the Magic Carpet, a movable deck that offers varying perspectives of the sea. Once it sets sail, the Ascent will cruise from Fort Lauderdale, covering the Caribbean before venturing to the Mediterranean.

Newest Celebrity Cruises Ship Currently Sailing

celebrity beyond

Since its launch in April 2022, Celebrity Beyond has been the latest active member of the Edge Series. It can accommodate 3,260 passengers and boasts 32 dining venues, ranging from Greek specialties to Italian favorites. The Rooftop Garden is perfect if you want to unwind with some live music in a tranquil setting. And if you’re looking for a dash of luxury, The Retreat boasts upscale suites with perks like private lounges and dedicated butlers. Currently, Beyond is offering unforgettable experiences in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Oldest Celebrity Cruises Ship

The oldest ship in the Celebrity Cruises fleet is the Celebrity Millennium. Launched in 2000, this ship has been a long-time favorite for many. While it may not have the flashy amenities of the newer ships, the Celebrity Millennium carries a charm that’s hard to replicate. Its design is a blend of classic elegance and modern comfort, ensuring passengers have a memorable experience. Over the years, the ship has undergone refurbishments to keep up with the times.

celebrity millenium

It underwent a full refurbishment in February 2019, giving it a fresh look and feel. This renovation not only updated the ship’s design and technology but also introduced brand-new staterooms and a new lounge area.

When it comes to dining, the Celebrity Millennium doesn’t disappoint. With nine restaurants on board, passengers have a plethora of choices. From the Tuscan Grille steakhouse to Sushi on Five, there’s something for every palate (though some restaurants require an additional fee). Standard dining options include Blu and the Main Restaurant. And if you’re in the mood for some entertainment, the ship boasts a rooftop terrace with an outdoor movie screen. The Celebrity Millennium sails to various destinations, including Alaska, Asia, and Canada, offering its passengers a blend of adventure and luxury.

What’s the Biggest Celebrity Cruises Ship?

The biggest ship in the Celebrity Cruises fleet is the Celebrity Beyond. Launched in 2022, this ship stands out not just because of its size but also due to its state-of-the-art amenities and features. Designed to accommodate a large number of passengers, the Celebrity Beyond offers a spacious and luxurious cruising experience. Whether it’s the dining options, entertainment venues, or relaxation areas, everything on this ship is designed to provide guests with a grand experience. If size and scale matter to you when choosing a cruise, the Celebrity Beyond is hard to beat in the Celebrity Cruises lineup.

What’s the Smallest Celebrity Cruises Ship?

The smallest Celebrity Cruises ship is the Celebrity Xploration. Here are some key details about the ship:

  • Launch Date: March 2017
  • Occupancy: 16 passengers
  • Tonnage: 320
  • Length: 98.3 ft
  • Cruising Speed: 10 knots

The Celebrity Xploration is designed for intimate journeys, making it ideal for family get-togethers, getaways with friends, or small groups who wish to explore together. This ship offers a unique experience, allowing passengers to visit the same islands Charles Darwin did on their very own private catamaran. It’s tailored for off-the-beaten-path discovery, with opportunities to explore hidden gems like Los Lobos (named for sea lions) and Kicker Rock, which is iconic in the Gal√°pagos.

The ship ensures a luxurious experience with cozy staterooms that either have a window or veranda, providing a personal view of the stunning archipelago. Additionally, rooms come with a personal refrigerator stocked with beverages of choice, room service, complimentary snorkeling equipment, and wet suits.

Difference Between Old and New Celebrity Cruises Ships

When it comes to Celebrity Cruises, both the old and new ships have their own charm and offerings. But there are some distinct differences that set them apart:

1. Size & Capacity

Older ships in the Celebrity fleet, like the Celebrity Millennium, are generally smaller in size. This means they have a more intimate feel, accommodating fewer passengers. On the other hand, newer ships, such as the Celebrity Beyond, are larger and can host a greater number of guests. This increase in size also means more deck space, larger staterooms, and expanded public areas.

2. Amenities & Entertainment

Newer ships tend to be decked out with the latest amenities. Think state-of-the-art fitness centers, expansive spas, and innovative entertainment options. The Celebrity Beyond, for instance, features the Magic Carpet, a movable deck that offers a range of experiences. Older ships might not have these flashy features, but they offer classic entertainment and amenities that have been loved by passengers for years.

3. Decor

The decor on older ships leans towards a more traditional and classic style, with rich woods and warm tones. Newer ships embrace a more modern aesthetic, with neutral palettes, contemporary art pieces, and sleek designs. The Celebrity Edge class, which includes the Beyond, showcases this modern design with transformative spaces and avant-garde concepts.

4. Dining Options

While all Celebrity ships offer a range of dining options, newer ships often have a wider variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars. They might feature specialty dining venues or collaborations with world-renowned chefs. Older ships, while having fewer dining venues, often focus on timeless and classic dishes that have been perfected over the years.

5. Environmental Considerations

Newer ships in the Celebrity fleet are often designed with sustainability in mind. They might utilize advanced propulsion systems, efficient hull designs, and waste reduction technologies. While older ships might not have been built with these features, many have been retrofitted over the years to improve their environmental footprint.

In conclusion, whether you’re drawn to the charm and coziness of the older ships or the modern luxuries of the newer vessels, Celebrity Cruises offers a range of experiences to suit every traveler’s preference.


Choosing a Celebrity Cruises ship can often come down to its age. While older ships like the Millennium have their own charm and history, newer vessels like the Beyond come equipped with the latest amenities and innovations. The age of a ship can influence onboard experiences, from dining options to entertainment. So, whether you’re a fan of classic cruising or eager to experience the newest features, understanding the age of the ships can help you make an informed decision for your next voyage.

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