Going on a cruise as a single individual in their 40s offers a unique opportunity to explore captivating destinations, meet like-minded travelers, and enjoy a plethora of onboard activities tailored to adult preferences. The best cruises for singles over 40 are those that strike a fine balance between organized social events, opportunities for personal relaxation, and immersive experiences at each port of call. These cruises often feature amenities and programming designed to encourage interaction and foster connections among passengers on a similar life journey.

Singles cruises specifically curated for those over 40 cater to the preferences and interests of mature travelers, ensuring that the onboard environment is conducive to both excitement and reflection. Solo travel within this age bracket has gained popularity, largely due to the abundance of options that allow single travelers to select experiences in line with their personal interests, whether that be culinary explorations, cultural tours, or wellness activities.

Selecting the ideal cruise for singles over 40 involves considering the desired mixture of solo traveler benefits, such as reduced single supplements and dining schemes that inspire communal eating experiences. Cruisers have the option to choose between river cruises with intimate atmospheres, ocean voyages on major cruise lines that journey across the globe, and theme cruises that focus on particular hobbies or interests.

Best Cruises for Singles Over 40

1. Royal Caribbean

royal caribbean for singles

Royal Caribbean offers a vibrant atmosphere with a multitude of activities for solo cruisers. The cruise line provides studio cabins without single supplements, and the ships brim with entertainment options, from Broadway shows to Caribbean-themed parties.

2. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

regent seven seas for singles over 40

For a touch of luxury, Regent Seven Seas Cruises presents an all-inclusive experience. Solo travelers can enjoy fine dining, unlimited shore excursions, and a highly personalized service amidst the splendid backdrop of the Mediterranean or other exotic locales.

3. AmaWaterways


AmaWaterways specializes in river cruises, especially along the Danube, with tailored experiences for singles over 40. Wine tastings, cycling tours, and gourmet dining are just a few of the refined activities on offer.

4. Holland America Line

holland america

An ideal choice for singles preferring a more classic form of luxury, Holland America Line combines traditional entertainment with art collections, culinary workshops, and elegant gala evenings. Ships such as Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam feature amenities that cater to mature tastes.

5. Silver Sea


Silver Sea embodies the essence of all-inclusive luxury cruises, offering intimate and all-inclusive experiences. From personalized butler service to fine dining and small-group shore excursions, solo travelers over 40 can indulge in unparalleled elegance.

6. Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL ship

Renowned for their freestyle cruising concept, Norwegian Cruise Line has ships like the Norwegian Bliss that are designed with the single traveler in mind. Studio cabins specifically for solo guests, coupled with a dedicated lounge and exclusive entertainment, make this a popular option.

7. Virgin Voyages

virgin voyages

Tailored for a more modern and adult experience, Virgin Voyages offers an adults-only atmosphere with no single supplements. The cruise line boasts lively entertainment, mixology classes, and social events perfect for making new friends and enjoying the solo voyage.

Each cruise line provides its unique blend of amenities and experiences, catering specifically to singles over 40 seeking memorable journeys across the seas. Whether one’s preference leans towards luxurious pampering, exhilarating excursions, or simply a lively social scene, there is a cruise option available to match every desire.

Are There Cruises for Singles Only?

Yes, singles only cruises are a reality, specially curated to cater to individuals who are traveling solo and looking to meet like-minded people. These cruises create an environment conducive to social interaction and are designed with a focus on activities that encourage guests to meet people and mingle.

  • Singles Cruise: These are specific voyages where the entire theme revolves around single people looking to travel with peers. They often include special events, themed parties, and communal dining to foster companionship.
  • Activities: A wide range of activities are tailored to suit single travelers. From dance classes, fitness sessions, to cocktail mixers, the itinerary is packed with opportunities for guests to engage with one another.
  • Social Environment: Onboard a singles cruise, the ambiance is strategically set to ensure a social atmosphere where travelers can connect and share experiences, making it easy to bond over mutual interests.

Cruise lines realize the potential of this niche market and often offer singles only cruises to various destinations. While some may offer dedicated singles cabins, others might host special events for those traveling alone. The goal is to provide a space where singles can enjoy their travel while having the chance to meet and connect with fellow solo adventurers. The popularity of these cruises among individuals over 40 is evident, as they merge the thrill of exploration with the warmth of companionship.

Choosing the Right Singles Cruise

Destination Considerations

When choosing a singles cruise for those over 40, it’s important to consider the destination carefully. Whether it’s a tropical getaway, an Alaskan adventure, or a European river cruise, the destination sets the tone for the entire experience. Consider the type of activities and excursions available at each destination to ensure it aligns with your interests.

Duration and Timing

The duration and timing of the cruise are crucial factors to consider. Some singles may prefer a shorter cruise of 3-5 days, while others may opt for longer journeys. Additionally, consider the timing of the cruise, taking into account seasonal weather, special events, and the overall ambiance of the destination during that time.

Cruise Line Options

Researching various cruise lines is essential to find the one that best suits your preferences. Each cruise line has its own unique atmosphere, onboard activities, and entertainment options. Some cater to a more relaxed and sophisticated crowd, while others offer a lively and vibrant environment.

Cabin Selection

Choosing the right cabin is vital for a comfortable and enjoyable singles cruise experience. Whether it’s an interior, ocean view, or balcony cabin, each has its own perks and considerations. Take into account the location of the cabin, the amenities offered, and the view to ensure a pleasant stay on board.

Benefits of Singles Cruises for Over 40

Meeting Like-Minded People

Singles cruises for individuals over 40 offer a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people who are at a similar stage in life. These cruises attract individuals who are seeking companionship, friendship, and the chance to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences.

Exclusive Events and Activities

On singles cruises for over 40, there are often exclusive events and activities tailored to the needs and preferences of the mature single traveler. These may include mixers, speed dating events, and group excursions designed to foster connections and create memorable experiences for all participants.

Travel Without the Stress of Planning

One of the key benefits of joining a singles cruise for over 40 is the ability to travel without the stress of planning. Everything from accommodations to dining and entertainment is organized, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey without the hassle of coordinating every detail.


For singles over 40, selecting the right cruise line is crucial for a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation. They offer an excellent opportunity for solo travelers to explore the world while providing a social atmosphere. Many cruise lines cater to this demographic, offering specialized activities and accommodations that enhance the traveling experience.

  • Travel + Leisure highlights several cruises that are perfect for travelers of all ages, ensuring a blend of relaxation and adventure. The carefully curated itineraries allow for personal growth and social interaction, often leading to enduring friendships.
  • Silversea Cruises features all-inclusive luxury that allows singles to indulge without the stress of additional costs. Unique offers for singles make luxury more accessible for those cruising solo.
  • U.S. News & World Report recognizes Celebrity Apex as a top-tier choice, indicative of the high standards expected by experienced travelers. This suggests a preference for quality and service that does not compromise on the opportunity for social engagement.

Put simply, singles over 40 have a variety of cruise options tailored to their specific interests and expectations. The discerning traveler will find that certain cruise lines stand out for their ability to combine luxury, camaraderie, and adventure, promising an unforgettable solo journey.

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