Swinger cruises offer a unique vacation experience for open-minded adults looking for adventure and connection. These specialized cruises provide a mix of luxury travel and exclusive social events, designed for couples interested in a lifestyle vacation. This guide highlights the best cruises for swingers available, each offering a different blend of destinations, themes, and onboard experiences. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned cruiser, our selection will help you find the perfect setting for an unforgettable journey.

Best Cruises for Swingers

1. Desire Cruises

desire cruises

Desire Cruises offers an exclusive experience for swinger couples looking for a mix of luxury and sensual adventure. Known for their adults-only, clothing-optional policy, these cruises provide a private and open-minded environment. Onboard, couples can enjoy themed nights, provocative entertainment, and opportunities to socialize with like-minded individuals. The cruise features spacious playrooms and private areas designed for couples to explore their desires. With destinations that are as exotic as the onboard experience, Desire Cruises creates a unique vacation for those seeking a blend of travel and erotic adventure.

2. Bliss Cruises

Bliss Cruises

Bliss Cruise offers swinger couples an environment where they can freely explore and enjoy. This adults-only cruise line is known for its large-scale ships that feature a variety of amenities and activities catering to adult entertainment and socialization. Onboard, couples encounter themed nights, pool parties, and workshops that encourage openness and connection. Bliss Cruise also emphasizes discretion and respect, ensuring a comfortable experience for all guests. With itineraries that include stunning destinations, Bliss Cruise combines the thrill of exploration with the excitement of a lifestyle-centered vacation.

3. Temptation Cruises

temptation cruises

Temptation Cruises offer a unique blend of high-energy party atmosphere and relaxed social spaces for swinger couples. Known for their ‘topless-optional’ policy, these cruises provide an adult-centric, yet non-judgmental environment. Guests can enjoy themed parties, provocative entertainment, and opportunities for socializing. The cruise emphasizes fun and freedom, with activities and events designed to encourage interaction and connection among open-minded couples. With a focus on vibrant nightlife and engaging entertainment, Temptation Cruises caters to those seeking a lively, yet comfortable, adult-only cruise experience.

4. Virgin Voyages

virgin voyages

Virgin Voyages stands out in the adult-only cruise market for its modern take on sea travel. Designed for a younger, energetic crowd, it offers a unique experience with trendy design and a focus on wellness and sustainability. Virgin Voyages’ ships feature a variety of entertainment options, including lively nightclubs, theatrical performances, and DJ-hosted pool parties. The dining experience is diverse, with over 20 eateries ranging from casual to upscale, and no buffets or assigned seating. The cabins are stylishly designed with tech-friendly amenities, appealing to the modern traveler. While not specifically a swinger cruise, Virgin Voyages provides an environment that’s vibrant, open-minded, and ideal for adults looking for a sophisticated yet fun-filled cruise experience.

5. Carnival Cruises

Carnival cruises

While Carnival Cruises do not specifically cater to swingers, it offers an atmosphere conducive to adults looking for fun and social interaction. Known for their lively and entertaining environment, they host a variety of events that can appeal to single cruisers and LGBTQ+ travelers. Their adults-only areas provide spaces to meet and mingle with others. Carnival’s entertainment options are vast, ranging from live shows and comedy gigs to themed nights and casinos. For swingers, connecting on a Carnival cruise involves the usual social cues, like codes and symbols or joining online groups beforehand. While these cruises are family-friendly with children onboard, they do offer adult-only areas for those seeking a more mature environment.

How Do Swinger Cruises Differ From Regular Cruises?

Swinger cruises differ from regular cruises primarily in their audience and the activities offered. While traditional cruises cater to a broad range of passengers including families, swinger cruises are exclusively for adults, often requiring guests to be couples. This adult-centric approach shapes the entire cruise experience.

Firstly, swinger cruises offer more privacy and discretion, with designated areas for adult activities and socializing. These might include clothing-optional pools, private playrooms, and adult-themed parties. The entertainment and activities are tailored to adult preferences, often including more provocative shows and events.

Another key difference is the social environment. Swinger cruises are designed to foster interaction and connections among like-minded adults. There’s a focus on creating a comfortable, open, and non-judgmental atmosphere where guests can explore their interests freely.

Lastly, the onboard rules and guidelines of swinger cruises are distinct. They emphasize consent and respect, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for all guests. This creates a unique environment that’s both adventurous and respectful, quite different from the family-friendly atmosphere of regular cruises.

Can You Find Swingers on Regular Cruises?

Yes, it is possible to find swingers on regular cruises, though it requires a bit more subtlety compared to swinger-specific cruises. Swingers often use discreet symbols and signs to identify each other. A common indicator is an upside-down pineapple, which might be placed on a cabin door or worn as an accessory. Pink flamingos are another subtle signal, often used in the same way.

In addition to these symbols, social media and online forums play a significant role. Many swingers connect through these platforms before embarking on the cruise. They might arrange meet-ups or identify common areas on the ship where they can gather discreetly.

Swingers on regular cruises also tend to gravitate towards adults-only areas of the ship. These spaces, like certain pools or bars, offer a more relaxed environment to meet and socialize. It’s important to remember that regular cruises are family-oriented, so discretion and respect for other passengers are key.

What Happens on a Swingers Cruise?

On a swingers cruise, the atmosphere is tailored for adult couples interested in exploring the lifestyle in a safe and consensual environment. The activities and events are designed to encourage openness and interaction among guests.

The cruises typically feature themed nights and parties, where couples can dress provocatively and socialize with others. These might include costume parties, toga events, or black-tie affairs, providing a playful and sensual setting.

During the day, there are workshops and seminars related to sexuality and lifestyle topics, offering a chance for education and discussion. Clothing-optional areas, such as certain pools and decks, are common, allowing guests to embrace a more liberated experience.

Private playrooms and adult-only entertainment areas are also available for couples who wish to engage in intimate activities with others. These spaces are governed by strict rules emphasizing consent and respect.

Overall, swingers cruises provide an environment where like-minded adults can explore their desires openly, with an emphasis on safety, consent, and mutual enjoyment.

The Bottom Line

Swinger cruises offer a unique, adult-only experience, distinct from regular cruises. They provide a safe, consensual environment for swinger couples to explore their interests, with specific activities and symbols aiding in connection. However, the activities and vibe on each ship can vary. Hopefully, this article helped you find the best cruise ships for swingers. If you have any question, let us know in the comments below.

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